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Java Lang Object Cannot Be Dereferenced


You might have used a variable name beginning with a digit or punctuation or some other improper character. Just remove the try/catch. This sounds bizarre, but you were using an enum with some enum private methods. interface X extends Y { // ... } balancing CheckStyle error messages run time error messages standard footer This page is postedon the web at: http://mindprod.com/jgloss/compileerrormessages.html Optional Replicator mirror of mindprod.com news

InJava version 1.4 or later you can use the javac.exe -Xswitchcheck to get this error detected. com.mindprod.mypackage.MyClass should be in a file called com\mindprod\mypackage\MyClass.java or com/mindprod/mypackage/MyClass.java, exactly including case of the directory names. Perhaps you wrote some initialisation code without enclosing it in static {} or plain {}. Hide Permalink Defect Conversion BT2 (Inactive) added a comment - 2004-09-06 23:04 BT2:CONVERTED DATA BugTraq+ Release Management Values COMMIT TO FIX: dragon Show Defect Conversion BT2 (Inactive) added a comment - check over here

Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Java

Perhaps there is no suitable constructor. Use Microsoft’s RegClean. Either you have to give them different names, or make them both static or make them both instance, or change the signature (parameter types) to make them different.

missing } in a method static not valid on constructor static is not a valid constructor modifier You forgot your return type e.g. Are “la malplej juna” and “la plej maljuna” entirely interchangeable? Newer site features, like alternate stylesheets, may cause problems with these pages. Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Java Meaning You need extra layers of parentheses around your casting.

method cannot hide The static method XXX declared in class AAA cannot hide the instance method of the same signature declared in class BBB (Better Business Bureau). Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Tostring Identifier expected. missing initialisation for a temporary variable. Classname.

share Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Email Link Like + Quote Reply Cromulent, Jan 25, 2010 Cromulent macrumors 603 Joined: Oct 2, 2006 Location: The Land of Hope and Glory Boolean Cannot Be Dereferenced Java C++ calculator using classes US Election results 2016: What went wrong with prediction models? You have the type of a parm wrong, e.g. or perhaps you may have written something like i.toString() where i is an int rather than an object with methods.

Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Tostring

You left out a parm. https://coderanch.com/t/379354/java/java/int-dereferenced-means You cannot call methods on a primitive as you are doing here : id.equals Try replacing this: if (id.equals(list[pos].getItemNumber())){ //Getting error on "equals" with if (id == list[pos].getItemNumber()){ //Getting error on Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Java Use fully qualified references to rule that out. Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Length You forgot to import java.awt.event.* or to fully qualify java.awt.event.WindowAdapter.

Show Maurizio Cimadamore added a comment - 2009-08-19 02:23 BT2:PUBLIC COMMENTS I tried the following code with 6u16 and it compiles fine: class SomeClass { void callSomeMethodOfSomeClass() {} } class Test navigate to this website A symptom of this is you can compile successfully if you rebuild everything, but not if you just recompile the changed modules. All methods in an interface are implicitly public abstract. You don’t need to import the inner, though you may optionally do so. Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Compareto

Check the gotchas in setting up the manifest. You forgot to initialise an array with new int[5]. You used an expression like JApplet.this in an inner class. More about the author The direct superclass of an enum type named E is Enum

I got the 2.5 snapshot at build.canoo.com/htmlunit/artifacts - I needed it to resolve a problem 2.4 has with jQuery. Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Equals Java The code potentially throws an exception. How to delete the lines from a file that do not contain dot?

You should get at the static constant with Calendar.

The method you want is protected or private. can’t be instantiated; load: com.mindprod.mypackage.MyApplet.class can’t be instantiated. This can happen because the basic types aren't objects. Int Cannot Be Converted To String Use lower case for all package names and directories.

That is not what it means. If it isn’t, on your head be it. You won’t get a warning message! click site Check that your {} are balanced.

class names unchecked only accepted for annotation processing error: Class names, "unchecked", are only accepted if annotation processing is explicitly requested For Netbeans, uncheck the project’s property entitled Enable Annotation Processing