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I Cannot Get Addr Of Scsa Sap

SysLog:mIM120110127165348000249600000IC : 0 :SAP Web Dispatcher&theresia&2496& IcmInitStartupicxxrout1914 *** SAP Web Dispatcher shutdown completed (pid: 2496) *** SysLog:mIM220110127165348000249600000IC : 0 :SAP Web Dispatcher&theresia&2496& IcmMainShutdowicxxrout829can anybode help me?thanksregardsghochi Ghochi Elin Kuswoyo January 27, Output: INFO:  XDNLevelTraceSetLocation: Trace set to: XDNTrace.010075.* sapscsa(5):0: I am "            ", but should be "sapsys      ". SAP note 611361 has more info about valid hostnames for SAP servers.Regards,Tobias Permalink Mar 03, 2014 Stuart Banner Hi Tobias,I have managed to get passed the logon screen by using an I wrote a small Java application to run one RFC via JCo3.

sapinstlog: WARNING 2014-03-28 22:54:13.494 Execution of the command "/usr/sap/P11/SYS/exe/run/dipgntab -rwr40 -srctt DDNTT -srctf DDNTF -dsttt DDNTT -dsttf DDNTF -ttonly TT" finished with return code 255. I don't think it is a stickiness issue. Adjusted the authentication stack: EvaluateTicketLoginModule     SUFFICIENT SPNegoLoginModule              OPTIONAL CreateTicketLoginModule       SUFFICIENT BasicPasswordLoginModule     REQUIRED CreateTicketLoginModule       REQUIRED -->Save. 8. The error message is: while trying to load from an object array loaded from local variable 'businessObjectType'. https://scn.sap.com/thread/1879632

Length: 1161 Date: 20161110 Time: 004312 sap01-206 ( 26 ms ) SAP® Recognized Expertise Partner, Public Sector Awarded bei SAP SAP Certificate ConsultingSAPDCWOperation and MaintenanceManaged ServicesSupportHostingProductsMasterData Add-OnCompliance SuiteCredit Add-OnChange For details see log file(s) dipgntab.log.).   The log dipgntab.log i cant find it. I am following the  steps as below :   1. rslgwr1(16): I cannot get addr of SCSA.

As paths such as /sap/public/bc/ur/ are not valid on the Enterprise Portal the request fails. sapscsa(5):20872: I am " ", but should be "sapsys ". After the restart has been executed, you can test the newly implemented functionality. Generated Keytab file in Domain server: ktab -a [email protected] -k keytab 5.

Contact us about this article Hello,   I am having issues using NetWeaver As Java 7.30 SP7 (the most recent version for 7.30). I have downloaded 70SWPM10SP04_8-20009708.sar and I have installed it on my pc. My application runs on Windows 7.   Error message: Error getting the version of the native layer: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Program Files (x86)\JCo3\sapjco3.dll: Can't find dependent libraries I can provide the complete stack Contact us about this article You are welcome 0 0 07/16/15--11:12: Re: SAP Webdispatcher error Contact us about this article Hello Narendar,   It seems that this is a different issue,

especially the dispatcher shutting down few moments after starting. It makes no difference.) In my own folder I placed the sapjco3.jar and sapjco3.dll.   2) In Eclipse I added sapjco3.jar to the Java Build Path.   3) I installed the SysLog: IM120150716053309000577500000IC       :                                                               0       :SAP Web Dispatcher&sgmw-s-tstse2.highradius.com&5775& SysLog:mQ0I20150716053309000577500000IC       :                                                               0       :        unlink  1                     NiIBindunlink nixxi.cp3760   FATAL: HttpAuthHandlerInit: Failed to load content filter. SysLog:lIM120120330044633002087200000IC : 0 :SAP Web Dispatcher&&20872& icxxrout1914 shared memory cleanup done Issuing the nohup command to start SAP webdisptacher Sending output to nohup.out=================================================================== Web Dispatcher STARTED with PID=20880 on 03/30/12-04:46:31 ===================================================================10)

Skip to Content Open navigation Account Settings Notifications Followed Activities Logout Search Your browser does not support JavaScript. http://netweaver34.rssing.com/chan-8092654/all_p162.html So I created my own folder C:\Program Files (x86)\JCo3. (I have tried SysWOW as well. give your suggestions..                             Regards, gopi 0 0 03/31/14--19:39: SAP EHP1 for NW 7.3 SP's Contact us about Summary As of SAP Webdispatcher version 7.2 it is possible to connect to multiple SAP and non-SAP systems, using only one Webdispatcher.

events.js), then see how WD decided where to send it (or not).Regards,Tobias Permalink Mar 03, 2014 Alexander Sandetskiy Hi,It's really good post!But.... In this case, it seems Web Dispatcher wasn't able to determine the target system.You can always raise the Web Dispatcher trace level to 2, then reproduce the issue, and check what I was looking for the text "while trying to load from an object array loaded from local variable", but it is not known within the source of Biller Direct.   I And JAVA systems must have 'default server root' /SID/irj instead of /irj/Can anybody help me?   Permalink Jan 14, 2015 A S Hi,How would the Multiple HTTPS urls be handled in this

Using this value on a HTTP response has no effect.HTTP/1.1 Cache-Control Header is present: no-cache. I wish this would have added those dependent libraries.   4) At this point if I run my application I get a slightly different version of the error: Error getting the Have anybody an idea?Best regards,Helmut Helmut Schröder October 19, 2012 at 14:21 PM 0 Likes Correct Answer Henry Hsu replied October 20, 2012 at 05:21 AM tryhttp://<>:8100/sap/admincheck your firewall also 0 with Fiddler2, HttpWatch or the developer console built into the browser (F12).

Gateway monotor shows the connection: In the trace file I can't see anything suspicious: ---------------------------------------------------trc file: "dev_rd", trc level: 1, release: "721"--------------------------------------------------- Tue Apr 01 20:14:28 2014***LOG S00=> GwInitReader, gateway started For details see log file(s) dipgntab.log.). For details see log file(s) saplikey.log, dev_slic.).   This is what it shows when I look at the dev_likey:   Connecting as SAPSR3/@MBW on connection 0 (nls 0) ... (dbsl 720

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The content is typically delivered within an iframe on the portal Can someone advise what the best approach is to migrate all of the content to a single domain name.Please note that Thanks in advance, Cheung 0 0 03/28/14--20:00: Exception occured during processing of Web Dynpro application Contact us about this article Hi All,   I am using EHP1 for NW 7.3 and workprocesses dosn't start after restore.Hello SAP'ies,After restoring the data lib and thapplying the old kernel it isn'tpossible to start SAP.I get the folling error in my spoolfile:sapscsa(1): shmget(SCSA): The value specified Stop the installation, upgrade the kernel 7.20 level to 400 & above along with IGS, start the installation.   2.

setspn -a HTTP/javahost.mydomain.com user1 3. Information The requested topic does not exist. What can be a problem? 0 0 08/15/13--08:39: sapjco3.dll: Can't find dependent libraries Contact us about this article Hello   We have been using JCo2 for quite some time. Giving up.)     Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Please let me know what kinds of logs or other info is needed to help with troubleshooting. 0 0 04/01/14--22:12:

This to me is the most likely cause of the issue.   Thanks in advance.   Regards,   Manish 0 0 03/30/14--08:02: How to Analyze Thread dumps using Thread Dump viewer On Windows systems I would recommend to perform the installation via sapinst, since the service will be created automatically. This response MUST NOT be reused without successful revalidation with the origin server. I am going to have my server team change the hostname aliases from wd_cq3/wd_ci3 to wdcq3/wdci3 and see what Refer the SAP KBA 1752969 - Issue during installation of Additional Application Server on Microsoft Windows     Regards SS 0 0 07/20/15--11:10: Re: Error while installing SAP netweaver ABAP application

create user for web based administration in file "icmauth.txt" (if not already exisiting) 3. Log files are written to C:\Program Files/sapinst_instdir/NW702/AS-ABAP/ADA/CENTRAL/.          The error occurred after re installation of the server, because it failed the last time due to Dispatcher problems. Service-Notes.com Home About Contact Service-Notes.com is not affiliated with any company, product or trademark that might be referred in it's pages. I see in the web dispatcher admin that it sees both systems and their app servers.The URL that I use to contact each system is:http://wd_cq3..com:8080/sap/crm_logon (crm_logon being an alias to crm_ui_start)http://wd_ci3..com:8080/sap/crm_logonMy

Please explain me the steps to do it as well. From SAP NetWeaver Release 7.0, the program FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE must also run successfully (both with and without the checkbox selected on the selection screen). You can now: Choose Retry to repeat the current step. Check it up.>>> Ed Yung>> -----Original Message-----> From: tla_ecco [mailto:tlaZe...]> Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 3:16 PM> To: [email protected]> Subject: workprocesses dosn't start after restore.>>> Hello SAP'ies,> After restoring the

is there any way to use one DNS name for webdispatcher without virtual hosts (system1.webdisp.com, system2.webdisp.com etc) ?I want to access my systems via webdisp.company.com/SID/.....  where SID is SAP System ID We are getting this error for SAP NW EP 7.4  not for CRM. thanks regards ghochi Permalink Jan 27, 2011 Stuart L Banner Hello,I have followed your procedure above and it all works perfectly. create profile file "sapwebdisp.pfl" for SAP Web Dispatcher (if not already existing) 2.

The bottom line is that SAP can receive a call from BT but cannot send a reverse call. sapscsa: system(./sapmscsa pf=sapwebdisp.pfl ); sh: ./sapmscsa: No such file or directory rslgwr1(16): I cannot get addr of SCSA. On my iSeries I have executed CALL PGM(QP2TERM) PARM('./sapinst' '-nogui')  this brings up a blank screen On my windows pc, I have executed sapinstgui.exe I get this screen Can you tell Please review SAP Note 2010948.

it showing some dump. Some components may not be visible. SysLog:lIM120120330043926001949200000IC : 0 :SAP Web Dispatcher&.sddc.sbc.com&19492& icxxrout1914 *** WARNING: Could not start service (rc=-1) PORT=81,PROT=HTTP,TIMEOUT=60,PROCTIMEOUT=60 *** SAP Web Dispatcher up and operational (pid: 19492) ***:adm 66> ./controlWD.sh STOP ###### ####### #