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I Cannot Punish Even The Greatest Sinner


Blessed Fr. DIVINE MERCY NOVENA: Jesus wants that the Celebration of Feast of Divine Mercy is preceded with a novena, that can be said with the Rosary of Mercy. Jesus tells us in the Diary: I am giving you three ways of exercising mercy toward your neighbor: the first — by deed, the second — by word, the third — Faustina to have an image painted just as He looked when He appeared to her.

To such souls I grant even more graces than they ask. Between 1930 and 1938 Christ appeared to Sister Faustina, a Sister of Mercy in Poland who initiated the Divine Mercy devotion. My prayer reaches out even there where I cannot reach out physically. You have to know that I experimented this great darkness that clouds your mind for you previously at the Garden of Gethsemane in the Orchard of Olives. http://www.saint-faustina.com/drp/?q=devotion

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The souls that trust without limits are My great consolation, because in such souls I spill all the treasures of My graces. Every time you request it, you glorify My mercy. These souls are a living Gospel, their hands are overflowing with works of mercy, and their hearts, overflowing with joy, intone songs of praise to You, Highest Lord, exalting your Mercy. Moreover, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, "Divine Mercy is not a secondary devotion, but an integral dimension of Christian faith and prayer." Benedict even goes so far as to

Faustina Diary. Amen. (III, 64-65). Only that soul who wants it will be damned, for God condemns no one.” (1452) 2039 utworzono : 2012-01-27 01:03 “Let Souls who are striving for perfection particularly adore My mercy, I cannot punish the greatest sinner if he pleads for My compassion, since I justify him within My unfathomable and impenetrable mercy.

Even if your sorrows were the greatest, do not lose the serenity of spirit or be discouraged. Diary Of St Faustina Often you have poured strength and values in my soul to proceed. Then the entrails of the mercy of God begin in a certain way to prevail without any cooperation from the soul, God gives his definitive grace. his explanation Merciful Jesus, You who are the Light of the world, receives in the dwelling of your loving Heart the souls of those that still do not know You, or who do

But why do I find you downcast and sad so frequently? When I watch the plants, thirsty of water, I felt much compassion and I decided to pray the chaplet, until the Lord would send rain to us. Jesus promises eternal salvation and great graces and progresses in the sanctity to those that give cult to him by means of this image. Tapping Into the Graces Alright, so how do we do it?

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You have pardoned me more than I could have expected, and more than whatever I could imagine. I think another reason why the chaplet is so popular is because it's such an incredibly powerful prayer. Divine Mercy Quotes Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet. The happiest soul is the one than trusts my Mercy, because I personally care for it." "Proclaim that no soul that has invoked My mercy has been disappointed nor has felt

Oh, how much indifference from the souls for so many demonstrations of love. That they may receive the power of God and in the middle of difficulties and afflictions, that they may follow ahead, trusting in your Mercy; and together with You, Oh, Jesus, You are it, You yourself under the species of bread when you come to my heart. And you know who it's most powerful for?

You see, Jesus, how is it possible to attain sainthood under these circumstances? - Jesus: Child, everything really is suffering, but there is no other way to heaven outside the Via In order for me not to have any doubts about anything, you have entrusted me to the affectionate protection of Your Church, this true, tender mother whom in Your name affirms Actually, why does He appear to any mystic for that matter? To such souls I grant even more than they ask.

You know that no effort of any type is spared in defense of Your kingdom. Fr. Your kindness has surpassed all my desires.

And the Lord let me know that through this prayer everything can be obtained ". (1128) PRACTICE Of the ROSARY Or CROWN OF The MERCY: It is prayed with a common

These souls wound My Heart most painfully. And if you cannot enter the chapel, immerse yourself in prayer even for a brief moment. My kingdom on Earth is My life in the souls of men. Divine mercy, unfathomable in the Institution of the Holy Eucharist, I trust in You.

All temptations put together should not disturb your inner peace and the lack of courage and downheartedness are the fruits of your pride. Amen. (III, 60-61). Divine mercy, springs of miracles and wonders, I trust in You. Peters the Holy Father passed by.

That the undecided soul read these considerations on the Divine Mercy and recovers the confidence: Divine mercy, that emanates from God the Father, I trust in You. Why did He appear to Faustina? Jesus told St. I watch over her day and night and I find in her My complacency and My ear is kind to the pleas and the murmur of its heart and often grants

Michał Sopoćko St. Most dear to Me is the soul that strongly believes in My goodness and has complete trust in Me. Do me a favor, give me all your pains and all your misery and I will overwhelm you with the treasures of My graces. - The soul: With Your kindness It is a sign of the last times, after the day of justice will come.

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