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I Cannot Write To Data Dir /var/local/squirrelmail/data

Create a link to point to the correct file and restart Apache. http://workaround.org/pipermail/workaround-chitchat/2007-November/000602.html cd /usr/local/squirrelmail sudo www/config/conf.pl ... Fragkiadakis > Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 2:22 AM > To: [hidden email] > Subject: Re: [SM-USERS] I cannot write to data dir > (/var/local/squirrelmail/data/)! > > On Sun, July 29, The second best solution is to keep the directories within the web tree, and deny access to them for anyone who tries to access them directly.

From: Paul Lesniewski Prev by Date: Re: general problems with squirrelmail behind Next by Date: Re: Time Zone Problems Previous by thread: Time Zone Problems Next by thread: Re: I cannot Make sure that you have backups of the data and test your solution extensively before automating maintenance in a combined data and attachment directory. Agaric makes powerful web sites for people who do things. Restart apache cd /etc/rc.d ./apache restart Create a file called "test.php" containing one line http://squirrelmail.org/wiki/DataAndAttachmentsDirectories

That works, but it makes maintenance a bit trickier (see "Cleaning the attachments directory" below) so it's recommended to have separate directories for data and attachments. Solution: Upgrade to latest squirrelmail, where the bug is fixed Change /etc/php.ini to session.use_trans_sid = 0 Users can't log in Check configuration by browsing to http://your-site.com/squirrelmail-1.4.19/src/configtest.php and change your /etc/php.ini file Stop.

Default permission is to deny IUSR access. It does, however, rely on your web server not to hand out sensitive data "behind SquirrelMail's back". It's easier to manage permissions when the web server runs with a unique user and group ID. In most cases, however, this will have no effect, so it's easier to just create the directory that php expects.

drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 2011-02-09 12:02 .. -rw------- 1 www-data www-data 108 2011-02-14 13:23 [email protected]'website'.pref Could there be something in Apache that is wrong? Multiple PHP errors If you upgrade to PHP 5.4, you may get a slew of PHP errors when the user logs in. It's also important to remove any pre-existing versions of php that may be on your system, e.g.: mv /usr/bin/php /usr/bin/php.bak ln -s /usr/local/bin/php /usr/bin/php to make sure the system is using http://data.agaric.com/installing-squirrelmail also you can use the squirrel mail system on other working server to make sure that it's not a problem with your mail system and only php/permissions problem.

I think you have to configure that plug-in as it is available in the default SquirrelMail install, but not "enabled" (installed). Thanks!Make your data/data directory writeable by the IUSR_[MachineName] account...To do this select that folder in windows explorer, right click >> Sharing & Security >> add the account and give at least Then my users can go back and subscribe. Don't forget to > > show what the directory is set to and the permissions it has. > > > >> Assuming this error on the login has to do with

I've also done chmod 777 -R but that didn't work either. http://winbytes.org/help/error-i/error-i-cannot-write-to-data-dir-var-local-squirrelmail-data.html Error message PHP Warning: Unknown: open(..., O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0 PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information You need to create a tmp Activate IMAP server in /etc/inetd.conf and restart inetd with a SIGHUP (i.e., 'kill -1 pid'). Now Search log events and configuration files using AJAX and a browser.

reply bodybuilding forums Submitted by bodybuilding forums (not verified) on June 7, 2009 - 2:36pm. I am using windows server 2003 (IIS 6), and PHP is installed via CGI.This is the exact message I get when I try to log in to squirrelmail:Error opening c:/Data/Data/default_prefCould not You > > cannot expect help if you don't give any details. Top mike239 New user Posts: 6 Joined: 2009-01-27 19:34 Re: Help with SquirrelMail Install on IIS 6.0 Quote Postby mike239 » 2009-01-27 19:38 I am having the same problems---I read the

Chances are this is caused by SELinux security policy on a RedHat variant O/S. It's tempting to remove all attachments once per day, but that will also delete the attachments for the end users currently writing mails when the scheduled maintenance is taking place. Installing squirrelmail Once PHP4 is working, installing squirrelmail itself is trivial. IMAP and the data directory are two different things. > > > > > >> ERROR > >> Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost. > >> 111 : Connection refused >

Shouldn't you be using your FTP/SFTP client to install the plugins onto your server? Checking paths... Restart sendmail.

Don't forget to show > what the directory is set to and the permissions it has. > >> Assuming this error on the login has to do with this >> >

Submitted by dhakimzadeh on June 20, 2008 - 2:40pm. Modify /etc/php.ini and /usr/local/lib/php.ini to allow HTTP uploads and specify their maximum size: file_uploads = On ;upload_tmp_dir = upload_max_filesize = 20M Turn off allow_url_fopen in /etc/php.ini for security allow_url_fopen = Off If no file exists there, php will use default values. The users can also fix this themselves by clicking on Options, but the error message is confusing enough that most of them don't realize this.

also there are less features, IE: the calendar is missing.. Now Search log events and configuration files using AJAX and a browser. Don't use /tmp/ (or a subdirectory thereof) as the attachments directory, even though it might be tempting. Do not place your DATA directory on the root of the drive (C:), as it will be empty, and squirrelmail will bitch about there being nothing in there (just like a

Lightning200MPHFebruary 14th, 2011, 07:46 PMI still have not been able to solve this, I'm not sure what I'm looking for in the config.pl file but in the config.php the $data_dir is Top drwebster93 New user Posts: 12 Joined: 2010-01-21 00:54 Re: Help with SquirrelMail Install on IIS 6.0 Quote Postby drwebster93 » 2010-01-21 22:35 ok, I attached screenshots that show what you If an attacker knows or guesses a user name, that user’s preferences can be read by the attacker. I'm Showing my lack of knowledge ...

hMailServer supports it. Top martin Developer Posts: 6773 Joined: 2003-11-21 01:09 Location: Sweden Contact: Contact martin Website Quote Postby martin » 2008-03-09 21:35 Have you tried specifying a full path, such as.. $data_dir = What ever though, now I can move on & figure things out with a known working configuration... Posts: 6,619 Joined: Aug 2001 Squirrelmail plug-ins Quote:I know a little php but I'm not sure what executing scripts in the shell means?

ERROR: I cannot write to data dir (/var/local/squirrelmail/data/)! Which right now are actually set so that "Everyone" has full control, and IUSR has full control. I know it must be something small I am missing but cant find the problem Assuming this error on the login has to do with this ERROR Error connecting to IMAP Default language OK.

Top lazeg New user Posts: 1 Joined: 2011-05-15 22:27 Re: Help with SquirrelMail Install on IIS 6.0 Quote Postby lazeg » 2011-05-15 22:29 could you share?I'm currently struggling with the same I have been searching on Yahoo, wiki & SMs site to try to get this myself, but im finally fed up with it all, so I am making my first post I've never done anything like that before. Data dir OK.