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So I close everything, and delete the pdf file for sanity. symbols share|improve this question edited Jun 11 '12 at 9:32 Marco Daniel 68.6k12178342 asked Jun 11 '12 at 9:32 balping 5612614 1 Why do you think this error occurs from Please, add what you're using. –egreg Jun 11 '12 at 9:39 @egreg Version 3.1415926 (TeX Live 2009/Debian) –balping Jun 11 '12 at 9:45 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 Your question was migrated here from Stack Overflow. http://bestimageweb.com/not-found/latex-cannot-find-png-file.php

If you don't have permission or don't want to do that, you'll have to use a personal directory (such as TEXMFHOME). Skip to content HomeAboutCreate RPMs for yourself ← New Linux System Setup: Don't forget Cisco AnyConnect VPN on RedHat/Centos Enterprise Linux → Fighting through the LaTeX startup hassles Posted on 2012/08/28 What you do with the documentation file is up to you. Are “la malplej juna” and “la plej maljuna” entirely interchangeable? click to read more

Latex Psyr

Tun the commands over and over, like this: # pdflatex # bibtex # pdflatex # pdflatex That's boring, but it works. Font map files: telling TeX about the new font After recording the new files (see the previous sections), the last (and most complicated) step is to update various so-called “map” files E.g., on my setup, kpsewhich rm-lmr10.tfm returns a path, but kpsewhich rm-lmr10+20.tfm returns nothing. –Charles Stewart Jul 8 '10 at 12:00 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up

In ad­di­tion, the bun­dle pro­vides var­i­ous met­rics and font sets that were not avail­able when the bun­dle was de­vel­oped; most of these fonts are now ob­so­lete.

Pack­agemd­w­fonts Ver­sion1.2 Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Terms Privacy Opt Out Choices Advertise Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News. USA 2016 election demographic data Ballpark salary equivalent today of "healthcare benefits" in the US? ! Latex Error: File `lineno.sty' Not Found. On Unix-like systems, run sudo-Hmktexlsr if you installed your system as root (not recommended). 4.

MiKTeX Navigate through the MiKTeX program: Start > Programs > MiKTeX > Maintenance > Settings > General > Refresh FNDB (In older versions of MiKTeX, it may be under a menu ! Font U/psy/m/n/10=psyr At 10.0pt Not Loadable: Metric (tfm) File Not Found. job.tex:80: leading text: ...box{11cm}{\noindent{}All rights reserved.} job.tex:80: Font csnameendcsname=rm-lmr10-20 at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found. The commands below use newfont.map for the name of this map file. If you haven't, it's not a big deal.

About the kanji 鱈 Why can issuing the same command create more output in tty than in pts/gnome-terminal? Pifont Latex Not the answer you're looking for? I guess my question becomes, then: how can one avoid the creation of DVI output in these build commands? –Brian M. If you have technical questions or problems with installing fonts, please try writing [email protected]

! Font U/psy/m/n/10=psyr At 10.0pt Not Loadable: Metric (tfm) File Not Found.

If that doesn't help, try running (from the command line) kpsewhichnewfont.map, where newfont.map is the map file you added to the system. There is one version in LyX and also a LaTeX version exported from LyX. Latex Psyr If I open "ku-thesis.tex", and try to compile the same way, It fails, and the minibuffer says "hit C-c ` to see errors." That says ERROR: I can't write on the Install Texlive-fonts-recommended How to delete the lines from a file that do not contain dot?

pdflatex does indeed create the pdf correctly, as you suggest it should. useful reference Before we go into those details, consider these two alternatives: If the font can be made generally available on your computer (e.g., to other word processing programs), you can use XeTeX This is a small tool that allow to download and install automatically whatever package is missing from the tex live repository. If still no joy, it may be time to turn to the general TeX help resources. Texlive-fonts-recommended Mac

If your LaTeX release is much older than this, you should upgrade, because the packages need a fairly new LaTeX anyway. (I could do something about this, but I won't, because Polyglot Anagrams Robbers' Thread Washington DC odd tour request issue A story behind a weird inductor Why usually is the word "halfway" used with "down" rather than "up"? I got all the missing files (there were a couple of them missing) from tug.org/texlive/devsrc/Master/texmf-dist/fonts and now it works fine. –user682765 Apr 3 '12 at 0:41 3 Any reason why http://bestimageweb.com/not-found/latex-includegraphics-cannot-find-image.php I can't find file `rsfs10'. <*> ...:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input rsfs10 Please type another input file name !

Hot Network Questions How to delete the lines from a file that do not contain dot? Collection-fontsrecommended Please don't fill out this field. There are no standard conventions for the name, so it can't be guessed; check your original archive for the name used.

Can you try locate pzdr.tfm (if you're on a unix-like system) to locate it?

Can I use that to take out what he owes me? Font U/psy/m/n/10=psyr at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found. grep: psyr.log: No such file or directory mktextfm: `mf-nowin -progname=mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input psyr' failed to make psyr.tfm. The Psyr Source File Could Not Be Found. Once you've done all that, you must tell dvips about your new fonts, so add the following lines to the `psfonts.map' file, unless they're already there: pcrb8rn Courier-Bold ".85 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding

share|improve this answer answered Jul 8 '10 at 11:55 Charles Stewart 9,13433475 Thank you for the helpful reply. more hot questions question feed lang-tex about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Browse other questions tagged fonts compiling metafont or ask your own question. get redirected here Why is looping over find's output bad practice?

MiKTeX First, edit the map configuration file updmap.cfg as follows. Destination texmf-local: your local TeX tree The first step is to determine in what directory the new font will live. If you get that frustrating result: First, try updating the filename databases and redoing the test. I just checked and I can compile that on the cluster compute nodes with pdflatex, but ran into some trouble in the WinStat systems.

This code works readily with TeXShop on Mac OS X, however it doesn't seem to work (readily) on Ubuntu. See the references at the end. I can see the pifont.sty is present in the directory : /usr/local/texlive/2008basic/texmf-dist/tex/latex/ fonts errors share|improve this question edited Apr 3 '12 at 16:34 doncherry 29.3k19112179 asked Apr 2 '12 at 23:48