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Java Cannot Open And Load Mail Server Properties File


See this page for details. The architecture of the JavaMail APIs allows such support to be easily added later, by us or by third parties. Why do I get the UnsupportedDataTypeException when I invoke getContent() on a bodypart?Why do I get the UnsupportedEncodingException when I invoke getContent() on a bodypart that contains text data? Without further ado, here's my PropertyLoader API that you might find useful (available with this article's download):public abstract class PropertyLoader { /** * Looks up a resource named 'name' in the news

When using POP3 I get complaints about the contentStream field. Not the answer you're looking for? See Sharing Project Libraries in NetBeans IDE for more information on this option. (Optional) Select the Set as Main Project checkbox. Make sure the new library is selected under "Libraries" on the left. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15180379/sendmail-cannot-open-and-load-mail-server-properties-file

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Determining the setting places an unfair amount of configuration burden on the eventual user (and in some cases, an unjustified amount of trust in the user's abilities). To create a custom Ant task in the IDE: Right-click the package where you would like to place the task and choose New > Other. Many web-based email services provide access only using a browser with HTTP. Please refer to the various MIME specifications and other resources listed on our main page.

Setting the Main Project When you develop a large application consisting of numerous source folders, it is common to split up your code into separate projects. A target that is defined within the current Ant script. Then I call the expunge() method, but I get a MethodNotSupportedException. Javamail Download The code fragment shown above for connecting to Gmail will also work for connecting to Yahoo!

getResourceAsStream() "/"-separated names; leading "/" indicates absolute names; all other names are relative to the class's package Silent (returns null) this.getClass() .getResourceAsStream ("resource.properties") ResourceBundle. Send Email Java Gmail That will try to connect on port 25 on your own machine instead of whichever machines is behind google.com. Tame unruly big data flows with StreamSets See how the free open source StreamSets Data Collector brings visibility and control to real-time...