General Photography

Taking Photos In A Casino

Taking photos of people without permission can be a serious problem. They may get aggressive and you can get serious trouble with it. However, in a casino, the problem is even bigger. In most casinos, they have a law about cameras because people can make a big deal out of it. Because of these laws, you should always try and get permission first. Once you have permission to take pictures, be sure to follow this guide for your own safety.

Always use the smallest camera you can find. Using a small camera can let you unseen, which is a very important thing to do. This way fewer people will see you and they won’t get concerned for their safety. The best thing you can do is to use your phone’s camera. People will think that you have to respond to a message or something because not a lot of people take pictures in places like this.

Never try to take videos in casinos. This is way more annoying than taking photos and you will get thrown out of the casino. Pushing your luck with videos can be a serious problem because casinos may think that you search for a way to exploit their games.

Turning your flash off. This sounds obvious but everybody has done it at some point. When you want to secretly take a picture of something and it flashes. Every camera has an option to disable the flash and you should do it before even entering the casino.

Using a tripod is a bad idea too. Like who uses a tripod if they want to remain unseen. They can be very useful in low light conditions but bringing one in a casino with you can cause you a real problem. They are used for professional photography and you want to avoid exactly that.

Be on the rush. Every time you want to get a photo of something, be very quick about it. Take a very fast picture and get away as fast as possible. Change positions constantly if you want to take a lot of photos in a casino. Sitting in one position will make you look suspicious.

Act drunk and pretend you can’t hear the others. This way even if you get caught taking pictures, you may only get a warning. People tend to do stupid things when they are drunk, so that may be the best cover for an activity like this. A lot of people will just let you slip that one if you act drunk. This can be the perfect disguise for every photographer in a casino. However, you should be cautious about it, because casino staff has seen this stuff before. There are a lot of young people who want to take pictures for their Instagram for example and tend to do a lot of tricks.

The best way to take photos in a casino remains to gain permission. If you do not have one, this can turn into a big problem.